As of December 2019 the FCX will no longer be available in the U.S.




Brochures / Manuals / Instructions

Geminox FCX 22 / 30 / DHW Brochure

Monitor FCX & DHW Owner and Service

Geminox FCX 22 & 30 Owner and Service

Geminox DHW Owner and Service

Heat Wise Burner

Becket NX Burner

Riello RDB T1 & T3 Maintenance and Service

Riello Technical Sales Catalog.  See page 96

Centrotherm Catalog (Flues) - 10mb


Lucky Distributing - FCX Site

CCHRC - Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Energy Star Ratings

ABSN - Alaska Business Science Network

AHFC Energy Programs

FCX 20 Part #2363 Deterioration

Presentations, Papers, and Technical

Condensing Technology - Presentation at Fairbanks Home and Winter Shows.

April 25, 2019 Condensing Boiler Technical Seminar - Presented at CCHRC in Fairbanks.

Enhancing and Optimization - A discussion on how condensing boilers can be made more efficient.

Ashrae 2005 Condensing Boiler Technology - Comprehensive comparison of condensing vs. conventional boilers.

Baseboard Study - Brookhaven National Laboratory tests the FCX in a baseboard house using a mixing valve set back controller.

Boiler Type / Size / Controls Study - Brookhaven National Laboratory integrated studyon gas and oil boilers. (note page 11 typo - Case 5 is referred to in the second mention of Case 4 at top of page)

Condensate acidity is a non-issue. Read article from CCHRC

John Siegenthaler's presentation of May 2, 2009 at the Sustainable Energy Summit is outstanding. It discusses the latest on boiler configuration, thermal equilibrium, hydraulic separation, low power pumping, and much more.


Delavan - A Reference Guide for the Burner Service Technician - A lot of really good information on how they work, types, patterns.

RIELLO RDB oil burner Installaltion & Assembly - Presented by a factory tech rep

Radiant Flooring Guide 2013 - Compare temperatures needed for different floor structures, and much more.

Caleffi Webiners - Some Fundamentals

Combustion: Theory and Concepts for Hydronic Systems

Designing for Condensing Boiler Performance

Multiple Temperature Regulation in Hydronic Systems

ModCon Boiler Piping for Peak Performance



Tiger Loops - Westwood Products Inc.

Water Storage Tanks - Insulated, Lightweight, durable, easily shipped, sizes from 100 to 5,000 gal.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Pumps - The latest in cost saving technology.